Bobrick B-7128 208-240V TrimLine Surface-Mounted ADA Dryer

This TrimLine series 208-240 volt hand dryer provides a broad swirling circulation of air for a more comfortable and faster dry. It was designed with uniquely patented dual-flow parallax air ducts and is heartily constructed of 18-gauge, type-304 stainless steel with #4 satin-finish vertical grain cover dry.


Barrier Free Guidelines
Barrier-Free: When a single dryer is installed in a washroom, it is recommended that the bottom of the dryer be located 38" to 40" (965-1220mm) above the finish floor, with at least 30" x 48" (760 x 1220mm) of clear floor space centered in front of the unit to allow both left- and right-hand wheelchair approaches. When, two or more dryers are installed, mount one as described above, and locate the other(s) at 41" to 48" (1040-1220mm), and alternate left- and right-hand approaches.

Motor brushes 3 years; all other parts 10 years